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tv   News4 Today  NBC  August 18, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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called to help lp in ferguson ar another night of viole protests. and what we can expect in the day ahead as bob mcdonnell's legal team begins to make their case. and keep the umbrella handy. we're watching the threat for rain in your neighborhood as heat and humidity make their return to the d.c. area. in fact chuck bell is here with your out the door forecast. >> good morning. outside right now, skies are mostly cloudy, no rain in our immediate area just yet, but there are rain showers lifting north of the roanoke area and steadier across far southwestern virginia generally lifting authority bound. so t northbound. so rain chances increasing later this morning and this afternoon. bus stop weather, back to school today, temperatures mid to upper 60s. mild and humid. umbrella may not be required,
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but i'd go ahead and have it. temperatures today climbing into the mid and upper 80s. it will be a steamy one. smart kids not only go you have your umbrella, you're also downloading our weather app, as well. some plac some places in traffic getting better, eothers worse. >> yes in, bethesda being rock ledge and rock spring drive, two vehicles, one out of the screen, both being pulled out of the way here shortly. 295 north at benning road, lanes now open. police activity off to the right. 66 headed into town, a little slow as you hit centerville and then opening bag ck up which is what we love to see. prince george's county side of things looking good. no major issues there. remember to tweet us any
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accidents you see after you pull over, please, @first4traffic. 6:02. we're following a developing story out of missouri. governor nixon there just ordered the national guard to ferguson after another night of clashes between police and protesters. police fired tear gas into the crowds there. they say some of the protesters were looting and hurling molotov cocktail s. this is the second week of violence protests since michael brown was shot nd killed by an officer. according to the "new york times," a preliminary private autopsy found brown was shot at least six times including twice in the head. we will have more coming up from ferguson all morning. we have a live report at 6:30. the top he copic of domesti after a man abducted and killed his own daughter. megan mcgrath is live in ft. washington with the unfolding situation. a very sad story.
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>> reporter: absolutely. and there are actually a couple things happening today in the wake of the tragedy. first this morning, the state's attorney and members of a faith community will be meeting at the ft. washington neighborhood to discuss family unity and to call for an end to domestic violence. and then later at 1:00 in the afternoon, prince george's county police department will hold a press conference also talking about the spike in domestic violence. we also may learn some more detail about what happened. now, this all comes on the heels of a disturbing situation that unfolded on saturday. a father shot the caretakers of his 3-year-old daughter as he an gugted h abducted her from the home. and he ultimately killed his child before he was killed following a shoot-out with police. investigators say 38-year-old frederick miller came to the home on farmgers place just before 1:00 on saturday afternoon. he shot his daughter's maternal grandfather and great
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grandmother and took off with the 3-year-old girl. there was a chase and exchange of gun fire with police. miller was killed. and then when they looked inside the car, that's when they found the little girl. police say that miller had stabbed and shot his daughter. she was pronounced dead at an area hospital. according to court documents, miller had been involved in and ongoing custody dispute involving the child. megan mcgrath, news 4. back to you. it is a big day in the bob mcdonnell corruption trial. soon we'll see the former governor himself on the stand. they face 14 counts of corruption. accused of trading political influence for thousands of dollars in gifts. the trial could come down to whether the jury believes mctdoe he wi mcdonnell or jonnie williams. today is eric con toreantor
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official day on the job. you might remember cantor was unseatsed by tea party backed challenger da er david brat bac june. cantor is leaving months earlier than expected. no word on what he plans to do after he leaves congress. redskins preseason game is at fedex field today. and rg3 and the redskins will play johnny manziel and the cleveland browns. kickoff at 8:00. it will be desean jackson's first game action in a redskins uniform. he and the other starters will be up there for at least 20 plays. it is a nationally broadcast game. an as jay gruden calls the shots from the field, his brother john will be calling it from up in the broadcast booth. receipt co pretty cool. and you might want to take metro. stations will stay open an hour later tonight just for the game. and that means that they close at 1:00 a.m. instead of midnight. you can only take advantage of this if you do get on by the stadium at largo town center or
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you can of course use morgan boulevard. however, you will be able to get off at any station in the system. do you hear the roar coming done your street? that is the sound of school buses on the road. today is the first day of school for students in fauquier county oi , also culpepper. there are new changes in fauquier county. middle school students sports are returning this year including girls soccer, boys baseball. in the winter, boys and girls basketball will be back. sam cox taking over as the principal in liberty high school. culpepper students, might want to give yourself extra time. expecting traffic delays because of road work. southbound traffic on james madison highway turns in to a single laneculpepper. students from six different schools in the area are affected by that road work. so heads up there.
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four counties headed back to school in west virginia, as well. have a great first day, he ha . everybody. and it's a hot item and we'll show you what you need to know to make sure you're buying the right tablet for your child. and watching the skies for you this morning. showers heading east. storm team tracking whether rain will be a bigger problem today or tomorrow. plus avoiding that caffeine jolt, why women may want to stick to the -- skip rather that
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welcome back. in news 4 your health, there may be a cure for a unique form of baldness. it's called alocia and it makes
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your hair fall out in patches. when they used the drug on three people, they all grew their hair completely back within six months. >> another reason to put down the cup of joe if you're pregnant. two cups a day raises your baby's risk for cancer. mothers were 60% more likely to develop leukemia in childhood. the risk was 72 it% when the mom drank four cups or are more. researchers say the caffeine may change the dna in the fetus' cells. the study was published in an ob/gyn skroujournal. we're off to a cool start in a lot of places this morning. humidity starting to come back. >> he enjoyed the nice vacation. i think chuck you said we escaped august without that many 90s. >> so far only one 90 degree day
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and there are no 90s in your seven day either. though it will feel like 90 today. rain showers down to the south and west moving in our direction. so umbrellas at the ready for later on today. current temperatures are in the 60s in the suburbs to low 70s in town and alongside the chesapeake bay. and it willen deed be a nice day today. quick warm-up on the way, we'll be in the low to mid-80s by lunchtime with highs in the upper 80s to near 90 with spotty showers more likely later this afternoon. a check on the roads now. right now breaking news. is this in bethesda, the outer loop of the beltway, right before river road, you can see the crashoff to the left. a lot of backups here. chopper 4 can pull out, you can see the outer loop with real backups this morning because of the crash. again we're talking about the outer loop just before river road. so no doubt that could build even though it is off to the side there. hopefully it stays there and people get by. 270 at montgomery village avenue, moving right along. top of the beltway no major
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issues. prince george's county side of the roadways, we are looking good. same thing beltway in virginia. no major problems. i'm back in a couple of minutes with a look at 270. avoiding that trip to the emergency room. why doctors say parents should shoulder some of the blame for a growing number of playground accidents. plus putting your cravings for work. the major university that has a sweet job offer for chocolate
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as you you finalize your bhak to school shopping list, the new tablet is a pretty hot item this year. but not every tablet is created equal. erica gonzalez takes a look at what tablet might be best for your kid. >> laura hubbard of the consumer electronics association and i teamed up to help you decide which tab sllet is best for you student. >> this good if you want to introduce technology. >> for little ones to second grade, an eight like the inota bachlt. >> you can decide how much screen time do they want, seeing monitoring their progress on apps.screen time do they want, g monitoring their progress on apps. >> next on the list, the kindle fire. >> definitely for reading. >> a great option for all students. for little ones, parents downloading story, all the way up to college students for textbooks with a price tag of about $300. on to the item that started the
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tablet revolution, the ipad. suitable for the elementary student given app restrictions or perfect for the most mature pupil. cost from $399 to as much as $929. >> also a safe bet for middle school students is the dell venue 8. it's a solid option and affordable, $150 to $200. a closer look at all the tablets and the galaxy, too, tonight at 5:00. well, today fairfax county public schools will welcome 23450erly 1200 new teachers. they will take part in a program called great beginnings the next generation summer institute. this is happening at south county high school. the program provides training for new teachers in the school system. fairfax county students head back to class on september 2. a new code of conduct is in
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effect in montgomery county. out of school suspensions are being called a last resort. school officials say that they want to use an approach that encourages good behavior instead of punishing bad. so instead of keeping a kid out of school for a few days, students would complete community service or be enrolled in something like mentoring programs. and reminder, you can help kids in need by buying their school supplies. donate a new backpack or supplies in our backpacks for kids cam been. head over to the apple federal credit union on sir viceroy drive. we will be there live all morning. you can also donate online by going to just search backpacks 4 kids. new this morning, people in southern california waking up to assess the damage from a 3.6 magnitude earthquake. it was centered four miles north of big bear city.
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so far there are no reports of any big injuries there. all eyes on the israel lsh gaza border as the lates cease fire set to he said day. we cou you're looking at video of israeli soldiers on the border. hamas says if expected more out of the talks, but other palestinian groups say they're ready for a deal.t expected mor of the talks, but other palestinian groups say they're ready for a deal. a police officer recovering this morning and so is the man he shot in frederick, maryland. >> the driver of that vehicle struck our officer with his car. the officer fired back at the vehicle, strike the driver of that vehicle and then the driver fled. police say that 45-year-old roy turner ran the officer over as he walked over to investigate a suspicious situation. turner is in the hospital but is
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expected to survive. he was charged with intent to distribute drugs and trying to elude police. a death being investigated as suspicion. a body was found near a dumpster on nicol lane. this is just a block away from baldwin elementary school. police believe the man was stabbed to death. the city's first homicide of the year. new this morning, wikileaks founder julian assange says he will be leaving the he can with a informationian embecuadorian embassy soon. he's been hold up at the embassy for more than two years now. the australian fled in 2012 to escape extradition to sweden where he was wanted over sex crime allegations. ecuador granted him refugee
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status. we're coming off a winning weekend weather-wise. but what does the future hold? >> chuck bell is here with some answers we hope. >> absolutely right. you ask and i answer. it looks like the week ahead will be a whole lot more august feeling than that nice little september preview that we enjoyed to inifish out last week. outside first thing this morning, cloudy skies a wait you. no rain on storm team 4 radar in the immediate metro area. a mostly cloudy sky this morning. cull kenner and fauquier county going back to school. a couple sprinkle just east of charlottesville. the leading edge of what will be an increasing rain chance later on today. the first little batch is drying up, but the next area down far south we were virginia high school a real chance at bringing showers to us for the second half of the afternoon. 73 degrees right now at reagan national airport. east wind at 3 miles an hour,
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but a cooler 62 in washington county, maryland. 71 degrees in annapolis this morning. 66 in montgomery county, 67 in quantico. hometown forecast, poolesville at 68 this morning. mid to upper 80s for highs today. and this evening, redskins and browns at fed ex-field. wa warm and humid. rain chance 30%. not a washout. rain chances start to increase between about 3:00 and 8:00 this evening. "7-day forecast" for you, rain chances each and every day. but at least you'll be at the office and not outside doing yard work. >> very true. breaking news, 95 southbound in maryland, right at the icc, you can see a crash here in the left
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shoulder lane slowing thing wills down headed out of laurel. also outer loop at river road, slowed things just a bit as you're hitting the spur and heading in to town. to which the be top of the beltway looking good. slow downs near the icc. 270 slow out of clarksburg, but then clears up just a tad. we are getting chopper 4 over this crash here on 95. we'll have that for you coming up. the holiday season may be a few months away, but if you think you might need a new oven before thanksgiving, now is the best time to buy. a new range, stove or oven is on sale for as much as 50% less. and that's because manufacturers want to bring their new models out in the fall just before the holidays. and if you're looking to save money on your phone bill, you
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may want to keep an eye on sprints. the wireless company is expected to announce cheaper pricing plans as soon as this week. sprint tested several plans. they offered a $50 a month plan that included unlimited talk, text and data. the company also tested a family sharing plan for $160, that included four lines of smartphones and twice the amount of data offered for at&t and ser v ver haveizon for the same price. no word on which plan will be rolled out. news 4 your health, physical disabilities are dropping among children, mean while mental disabilities are on the rise. 8% of kids suffer from some kind of disability. higher income families saw the greatest rise when it comes to mental and developmental disabilities. those numbers rose 28% over ten
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years. despite the increase, disadvantaged children still carry most of the burden. apparently some pants are not keeping a close enough eye on their children at the play ground. emergency rooms are seeing a lot more kids who got hurt at the play ground. most involve falling from the monkey bars, ladder or any sort of climbing toy. doctors say there are things you can do to keep your kids safe. first take them to a play ground with age appropriate equipment. >> if you have a rpreschooler, make sure the slides aren't more than four feet there, are tunnels on the ground. >> and you should avoid those that don't have rubber or ground covering. that helps cushion the fall. and of course put the phone down. you need to pay more attention when your kids are on the equipment. >> great advice. if you're looking for a sweet job, you might just be in luck. cambridge university is
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advertising for a ph.d. student to tackle a 3 1/2 year research project on chocolate, aimed at discovering to keep it from melts on a warm day. and the job has an undisclosed sponsor. >> so could be the industry we don't know, they will start the propject in january. chocolate melts so fast. melting point is lower than your body temperature. >> look at you. rolling up the welcome mat. potential change that could make it harder for you to find a place to stay in ocean city. and when you could see the rain in your neighborhood with the hour by hour forecast. and new developments out of ferguson, missouri. the steps taken overnight by the governor to put a stop to the violent clashes.
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a developing situation playing out on the streets of ferguson, missouri. the governor called in the national guard to help restore order. we will go live to ferguson for more on the mood there morning after another night of violence. but first a warm and humid start to the day. we're watching a line of showers and the impact it could have on your plans today. >> chuck bell is tracking those chances in your hour by hour forecast. what a beautiful sunrise from the tower looking out to the northeast this morning. there it is, the big ball of fire in the eastern sky. enjoy it while you can see it because that right there is the line of clouds which will block out the sun for much of the late
6:31 am
morning hours. first raindrops are still well down to our south and west, but they are moving in our direction, so rain chances will increase hour by hour through the day today. out the door temperature, mid-60s to low 70s. the bay, 68 at 6:00 a.m., 72 at 8:00 this morning. a beautiful afternoon coming. mix of clouds and sunshine. it will look and feel like august out there today. shower chances ramp up mid to late afternoon in to early this evening. temperatures 81 degrees at 7:00. download our weather app to stay one step ahead of the weather. breaking news right now, maryland 95 southbound just before the icc, you can see how slow it is because of an earlier crash off to the left shoulder.
6:32 am
you can see it is very slow at this point. if you have ap n alternate, you might want to take it. outer loop at river road, still slow as you hit withe spur. 66 slow through centerville. 66 at nutley moving along. 270 to the capital beltway, 16 minutes. and 95 south 32 to the beltway, the same span, a little slow running at 13 minutes. i'm back in ten minutes. we're following a developing story in missouri. another night of clashes between police and flon straight tors. more than a week after an unarmed man was shot and killed by police there about in the wake of the most recent problems. the governor decided to send the national guard to try on help end the violence. jay gray live with the latest.
6:33 am
>> reporter: the governor here jay mix snixon saying he wants national guard there after what was another dangerous night here. we didn't even make it to the curfew. 3 1/2 hours before it was enacted, we saw a very serious and potentially deadly situation according to police unfolding on the streets here. they say there were eight people with guns, at least two molotov cocktails tossed at officers near the police command center here. they rushed out into the streets, riot police, arrest mored vehicles, they used smoke canisters and tear gas to try to disperse the crowd.
6:34 am
police not involved this the gun fire. also four businesses damaged and looted, one of those set on fire. it started as a peaceful protest, about 400 people marching in the streets. it changed as things got closer to the command post here and that is something that that hasn't happened before in the time that we've been here. and so police are saying it was a calculated premeditated attack on their area here. they locked it downnd they say they are going to make sure it doesn't happen again. back to you. >> jay gray live for us in ferguson. thank you. politicreliminary results f private autopsy say michael brown was shot six times. twice in the head and four times in the arm. the bloun family will hold a you news conference at 10:00 a.m. to discuss the autopsy. you can look for the latest on
6:35 am
midday and you can look for the latest on midday and discuss the autopsy. you can look for the latest on midday and nbasngn.m. for the first time in three years, gun sales in virginia are down. it's down 23% from the same period last year. transactions at gun shows also down 21%. it could put a damper on your summer vacation plans in ocean city. the city considering banning short term rentals in some communities. the proposal comes in response to neighbors complaining about loud rowdy parties in quiet neighborhoods. opponents augu opponents argue the ban could cost thousand this is rental income. a public hearing will be held tomorrow to discuss the issue. officials want to hold off on yp grading the virginia avenue tunnel. they urge federal and d.c. transportation officials to postpone the decision to allow csx to begin construction.
6:36 am
but delaying the project threatens other developments in the community. the tunnel runs beneath virginia avenue southeast from 2nd to 11th street. some say it is an important access point in the washington region rail system. but others argue could be moved away from residential areas. higher paying jobs are making a comeback. according to the "washington post," mostly lower paying jobs were created as the economy recovered. however now more and more companies are hiring for jobs that pay at least $20 an hour. the post says the economy is still missing more than a million higher paying jobs, however the growth means more change could be on the way. never too late to start saving for the future. a new survey says a third of people in the u.s. have nothing saved for retirement. according to the financial website bank, 14% of people 65 and older have no retirement savings. the survey says the two reasons people are not saving are the high cost of living and day to day expenses. giving you more time to
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shop. why target is pushing back the time its stores close and when you'll be able to take advantage of the longer hours. clear skies now, but showers could put a damper on your plans. the chance if rafor rain in you weather and traffic on the 1s. plus a reason they have the fences. the fine that is adding insult to a woman's injury after her encounter with a zoo animal. (vo) ours is a world of passengers.
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male announcer: coand join oure wtraveling celebrational as the chesapeake campaign visits town festivals up and down our shores. visit presented by at&t. maryland. land of discovery.
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take a look at this. gas prices are still dropping. gas was being sold this $3 a gallon in virginia. crude oil prices trading below $100 a barrel right now. aaa says market watchers are monitoring tensions, but none of the conflicts are disrupting supplies. in the district, average price $3.66. down a penny from last week. maryland, $3.43. in virginia, $3.23. and in west virginia, $3.50.
6:42 am
so we have the gas prices going down and then the temperatures going up. good morning. cloudy skies the farther south and west you live or travel. and rain showers down to our southwest, as well, coming our way for later on today. not every will get wet, but i'd have the umbrella ready to be safe. rain chances will be highest today from washington southbound into southern maryland and also across central virginia. today's high temperatures mid to upper 80s, but feeling more like 90 thanto everyone's favorite august humidity. definitely everybody's favorite. still slow outer loop at river road. this is from the earlier crash as you hit the spur. it is going to be backed up. you can see 270 at montrose, only moving 15, 20 miles per hour.
6:43 am
hopefully that will pick up soon. the accident is actually out of the way. also your other slow pot in the area through triangle, 95 northbound in virginia. everything either looking typical. follow us at fi@first4traffic. new challenge facing more and more military families. why a growing number of soldiers are struggling to put food on the table. >> reporter: and the issue of domestic violence takes center stage following a disturbing incident over the weekend where a father killed his 3-year-old daughter. a live report coming u
6:44 am
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6:46 am
. we're tracking a number of developing stories to get you up to the minute the meainute you' up. >> we start with megan mcgrath. >> reporter: just a terrible incident that unfolded in this normally quiet ft. washington neighborhood. and later this morning, the state's attorney will be coming back to this neighborhood with members of the faith community to call for family unity and an end to domestic violence. and at 1:00, the prince george's county police department will hold a press conference. the topic, a spice that they are seeing in domestic violence cases. all of will comes on the heels of a very disturbing situation that unfolded on saturday.
6:47 am
a father shot the caretakers of his 3-year-old daughter as he abducted her from the home. police say he ultimately killed his child before he was killed following a shoot-out with police. investigators say the 38-year-old frederick miller came to the home on farmers place just before 1:00 on saturday afternoon. he shot his daughter's maternal grandfather and great grandmother and then took off with his 3-year-old daughter. police caught up with miller, there was a chase and exchange of gunfire. miller was shot. and when officers got a look inside the car, that's when they discovered the little girl. police say miller had stabbed and shot his daughter. she was pronounced dead at an area hospital. according to court documents, miller has been involved in and ongoing domestic situation and a custody battle.
6:48 am
megan mcfwracgrath, news 4. bob mcdonnell's lawyers are getting ready to present his side in his corruption trial. the former virginia governor and his wife are accused of trading political favors for thousands of dollars in gifts. the verdict could come down to which star witness the jury believes, either johnnnie willis the former governor himself. we don't know when mcdonnell takes the stand, but when he does, julie carey will be there. to learn all of the details, follow her on twitt twitter @juliecareynbc. today is eric cantor's last official day on the job. he's resigning today after a shocking primary loss in virginia. you may remember the republican was unseated by tea party-backed challenger david brat back in june. cantor is leaving months earlier than expected. no word yet on what he
6:49 am
to do after he leaves congress. and this just in. good news before you grab your car keys and head out. car thefts have hit historic lowes across the dmv. aaa reporting auto thefts the lowest ever reported numbers last year out of state of maryland with prince george's county still leading the state in virginia. in the district, those numbers down. car thefts down by 60% in the past decade. back to you now. new developments out of iraq this morning. kurdish fighters have completely retaken control of the mosul dam over the week he said, president obama authorized new air strikes to help those fighters on the ground. 25 bombs were dropped on isis targets. the dam was a key piece of infrastructure to keep it out of militant hands. isis had threatened to flood surrounding towns. that could have cut off
6:50 am
electricity to the area and left the u.s. embassy vulnerable. and the president is taking a short pause in his kvacation to deal with key issues. he will heat with vice president biden and several advisers later today. he's heading back to martha's vineyard tomorrow to finish vacation with his family. new this morning, one quarter of all active military families in the u.s. need help putting food on the table. that's according to it a new report from feeding america. active duty military family members say it can be difficult to buy food because of low pay and a higher cost of living in certain states. the survey also found that one in five veteran families is also seeking food assistance. if you feel like there isn't enough time in your day to get all of your errands done, this might help. target plans to keep some stores open until midnight now. they're hoping to reach out to more and are more people putting off shopping until well after
6:51 am
dark and maybe doing share shopping online or walmart. it is still unclear what stores will have the longer hours. the extra hours will start this month and will stay in effect at least through the holidays. when you go to the zoo, it's usually a pretty good idea to stay behind the fence and just watch. take a look at this cute guy, that's wally. woman jumped in his enclosure at the zoo in madison, wisconsin. he licked her face -- no, she got kicked in the head, too. >> that's what they do when they feel threatened. and she got a ticket, $686 for her harassing the poor animal. you know, a giraffe is capable of killing a lion with their kick. she's lucky he didn't use his head like a wrecking ball. that's what they do.
6:52 am
>> you you know a lot about giraffes. >> she said i just love giraffes so much, i wanted for g eed to . >> she was pulled over by smoky the bear. >> got it. >> good thing you're doing the weather. >> yeah. rain chances stheeking up isne half of the day. you may or may not be able to get away with your umbrella later on. sun pririse pretty for only a f minutes before the clouds block it. that cloud deck has obscured the sunrise. 73 at the national airport. ed the breeze will keep temperatures in the upper 80s and out of the 90s. still plenty warm. 68 in fredericksburg and charles stoun, west virginia.
6:53 am
bus stop weather, temperatures in the 60s. umbrellas not required this morning, but by later on today, increasing heat and humidity means increasing rain chances. overall fairly low impact, but again, if a shower finds its way to you, a larger impact than just 30%. "7-day forecast," for better or worse, rain chances off and on every single day this week. monday through friday. i do think that by the time we get to the weekend, things will start to dry out. but another week without a 90 degree temperature. sounds good. taking a look chopper 6 over 395, this is northbound edsall road, you can see how slow it is. from that is from an earlier car stalled off to the right. still you can see backups that that is creating. so quite slow 395 northbound as you approach edsall. also another slow spot, outer loop as you approach river road, earlier accident out of the way.
6:54 am
still slow there. taking a look 95 as you head towards the beltway, very, very slow. same thing top of the beltway, and taking a live look here at one of our cameras, i was going to show you travel times, 270 south looking good to the beltway. a little slow around river road. sthoets ♪ yep, redskins playing the browns tonight. a lot of you are will be watching of course. the game begins at 8:00. it is the last preseason game a game. starters expected to be in the game for 20 plays. you may see kyle shanahan tonight. he will be on the other side line. if you are going to the game, you might want to take metro. stations will stay open an hour later than usual for the game. you can take advantage of this if you get on by the stadium at largo town center or morgan
6:55 am
boulevard. however you will be able to get off at any station in the system. right now a lot of kids are up eating breakfast, getting ready to head back to school. it is the first day of classes in a number of counties in our area. in fauquier county, middle school sports are returning including girls soccer, boys baseball. along with basketball. new year also means new jobs. sam cox is the new principal at liberty high school. there are also five new assistant principals in that county. classes also start today in c l culpepp culpepper. you might want to leave a little earlier than normal because we have road work that height slow you down. the freelance star reporting the ubod traffic on james madison highway turns into a single lane at north main street. there is a temporary spotlight in place. students from half a dozen different schools in the area will be impacted by that road work. four counties are headed
6:56 am
back to school in west virginia. berkeley, morgan, hampshire are all back in the classroom. the time we're looking at four before the 7:00 hour. here are the four things you need to know before you head out. today is virginia congressman eric cantor's last official day on the job. the former majority leader is resigning today after a shocking primary loss in virginia. today bob mcdonnell's defense team goes to work. his lawyers will argue he's innocent of corruption. two news conferences will touch on the increase in domestic violence cases. this follows a deadly series of events in ft. washington where police say a father abducted and killed his daughter, shot her relatives and then died in a shoot-out with police. missouri's governor is deploying the national guard to ferguson after another night of clashes between police and protesters. also a new private autopsy says
6:57 am
michael brown was shot six times including wise in the head. look for a live report from ferguson coming up on the "today" show. at least a chance for rain monday through friday this week. most likely to see showers wednesday and thursday time frame. another week without any 90s. traffic 395 northbound at edsall, slow from an earlier car in the way there. outer loop at river road also slow. good to be back. not so excited about the traffic issues. >> thanks, melissa. >> that is the broadcast this morning
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good morning. breaking news. missouri's governor orders the national guard to ferguson after the fiercest wave of violent protests overnight. while results on the private autopsy of michael brown bring even more anger. wikileaks founder julian assange will walk out of an embassy in london. why now? landmark bid. the controversial sultan of brunei attempting to buy new york city's hotel. sparking outcry over human rights violations in his


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